Episode 20: Love Sign, 44/876, Led Zeppelin III, and Awaken! My Love (wsg Mike Logan and Gerrit Elzinga)


To cap off our first score of episodes, we've got two awesome guests on this show: comedians Mike Logan and Gerrit Elzinga of This Better be Good.

Nick is in love with Prince, and not afraid to show it. Andrew thought the new Shaggy and Sting collab, 44/876, would be an easy target. Gerrit likes the classics, bringing Led Zeppelin's third album, Led Zeppelin III. Additionally, Mike stokes our love for Donald Glover with his offering, Awaken! My Love.

Also we drink some beer.

It's SoSnSbSb!

A few days before we recorded this, Kalamazoo suffered from a holiday...
— Andrew J. Pytel