Andrew, wearing his trusty Two Hearted beanie, overlooks a pass high in the Sierra Nevadas.

About: Andrew J. Pytel

Andrew J. Pytel is a Michigan native, and current resident of Kalamazoo, MI. Though currently employed in the craft beer industry, Andrew has a long history with music. Having studied vocal music performance and music theory for a large portion of his life, Andrew learned to understand and enjoy the classics. Music theater was Andrew's early passion, but after deciding to study Business in college behind, Andrew realized contemporary music is pretty fucking cool, too. Nowadays you're more likely to find Andrew singing The Killers at karaoke than performing on a stage.

Nick and Andrew met washing dishes in a tiny kitchen at a large brewery in the fall of 2014. Plans for a podcast had been bounced around for years before the idea for what would become SoSnSbSb was finally realized. It only took another six months before they would sit down to record the first episode.

Andrew has drank beer in three continents, including in beautiful Ha Long Bay Viet Nam. He once carried an Expedition Stout for eight days on trail in the Sierra Nevadas, just so he could drink it at the summit of Mount Whitney.

Andrew's favorite band is Muse.

Andrew's favorite beer is Two Hearted Ale from Bell's Beer. Inc.