Episode 29: Lofi Chill Beats to Podcast to


It’s the first day of the Spring Semester, and you know what that means! 3 months till finals! In our newest, and maybe shortest episodes, Nick and Andrew discuss the plethora of lofi chill hip hop beats on YouTube that they used to finish the Fall semester.

WAKE UP... grababrushandputalittlemakeup
— Nick Lancaster

Episode 26: Ben Folds Five (1995), Mi Vida Local, Cavalcade, and Anthem of the Peaceful Army (wsg Trevor DePew and TJ DePew)


Friend of the show Trevor DePew is back and he brought his son with him this time.

We’re taking a look back at Ben Folds Five’s self-titled 1995 release, and Andrew wants you to listen to every song on it.

Next up, Nick is taking a crack at Mi Vida Local, the new release from “artist” Atmosphere.

Trevor has a rare one for us, the mixtape Cavalcade by milo.

TJ decided he’d give it a go as well, and we cover Greta Van Fleet’s thing, Anthem of the Peaceful Army.

It's a hot, new SoSnSbSb!

— TJ DePew