Episode 31: Graduation, Look Alive, & Misfit (wsg Jeff Cardwell)


We’re two months into 2019 and the takes have never been hotter. This week, we’re joined by jazz and hip hop extraordinaire Jeff Cardwell. Nick and Andrew discuss their recent graduation with Kanye West’s Graduation. Nick tries to muster a good review with Look Alive, from Guster. And Jeff rounds it out with Naji’s Misfit, an odyssey of R&B and hip hop.

I give it ‘hope’ out of... ‘nice’
— Jeff Cardwell

Episode 30: What you Missed in 2018 (wsg Trevor DePew)


We’re almost back to your regularly scheduled program, we just had a few pesky albums to cover from the previous year we just HAD to talk about. This week we’re joined by podcast regular Trevor DePew to discuss the many albums you just might have missed in 2018

Spermus Deterrus!
— Andrew J. Pytel

Episode 29: Lofi Chill Beats to Podcast to


It’s the first day of the Spring Semester, and you know what that means! 3 months till finals! In our newest, and maybe shortest episodes, Nick and Andrew discuss the plethora of lofi chill hip hop beats on YouTube that they used to finish the Fall semester.

WAKE UP... grababrushandputalittlemakeup
— Nick Lancaster